Friday, February 15, 2013


There was a stillness in the room.  Everyone was hanging on the sentient’s words, but remained silent.  The agent received another telepathic signal from Shirra.  He willed an image from the stasis orb’s databanks to appear in the center of the room.

“Can you tell me what this image is?”  The Minister asked.

The sentient bowed reverently before answering.  “Honor and respect the messenger of the Lord God.  He is Gabriel, who comes at the end time to trumpet the first of the last days.”

“Gabriel?  Is that the name of the being in this image?”
“Yes.  He is an Archangel of the Lord and a Prince of Heaven.”
From behind the Minister came Kantootha’s skeptical voice.  “You can’t possibly be serious.”
The Minister waved a tentacle at him, telling him to be quiet.
“You doubt the image before you?”  Malachi asked.  “Well, you do not doubt what has happened.  I know that for fact.  It is why you have come here.”
“You really do know don’t you?” Shirra asked.
“Of course, Minister.  This is the most glorious event in the history of all creation.”
“You’re referring to the Great Vanishing?”
“That is what you have called it in your blindness,” the sentient said, smiling serenely.  “They have been called home, all of them, everything living.  Only those of us who were not part of the original line remain.  But our time is coming soon.  As we always knew it would. Our faith is justified.”
“Faith?  What are you saying?”
Electricity was almost a tangible force in the air.  The words Malachi had spoken went against all excepted Galactic conventions.  What he was saying was already quite clear, but Shirra wanted to hear them spoken.
“The Lord God has called his children home, Minister.  Sol has consumed the birth world in fire, as was written.  As you yourself can see, the Great Angel of the Lord was on hand to announce the end.  It was in that moment Minister that all Human beings of the original line, corporeal or energy, believers or non-believers, were called home to Heaven.”
The room was in stunned silence.  Nobody knew what to say to this revelation from the Human/Zatai sentient.  Malachi sat there, looking quite smug from the shock he engendered in the representatives from the mighty Conjoining.  Everyone was at a loss for words, except Shirra. 

Malachi was right about him.  On some level deep within the vortices of energy that comprised his being he had felt this.  He was not a believer in deities, just as his friend Randolph had not been, but something inside made Malachi’s words ring true.  It was awful and beautiful at the same time.  Shirra had so many questions, but he knew it was time to depart.  These questions were of mighty import and required the answers to be given elsewhere.
“Malachi, would you mind…?”
“Of course, Minister,” Malachi said standing.  “It is written I will accompany you to give witness among the great powers of the Galaxies.  Nexus-Prime is our destination, yes?”
Shirra stood as well.  “Yes, yes it is.”
“As it is written.”
Malachi smiled, his countenance was beatific.  Though in raw power he resided far below the most junior sentient in the room, it was they who were in awe of him.
“None of you believe, Minister,” Malachi said.  “But at Nexus-Prime … you will.”
The Minister said nothing as they walked out of the Cathedral.  He ordered the agent to sever the telepathic link.  He didn’t want anyone else to know.  He didn’t want to speak it and he didn’t want others to feel it.  He would wait, wait and see Malachi’s revelation.  Only then, did he feel he would be able to deal with what he felt was happening inside.  For without any empirical evidence whatsoever, just a time-dated image, and the words of a hybrid sentient, he was finding himself starting to believe. 
“Well,” he muttered under his breath.  “Stranger things have happened.”

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